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Lo Siento, a Spanish design studio injected paint into a bubble wrap to create this ingenious typography. 

Hiroshi Sugimoto has created a limited edition of 140 scarves for Hermès as part of the ‘Couleurs de L’ombre’ exhibition - with each one a redesign of the famed square scarves known as Carrés. The striking gradient aesthetic for each piece was informed by Sugimoto’s interest in the complex prismatic system of polaroid photographs that captures the first rays of sunlight in the morning.

A Matter of Taste by Fulvio Bonavia

Minimalist art movement posters by Outmane Amadou

Balancing Fishbowl by Psalt Design

Balancing Fishbowl by Psalt Design

Artist Sue Austin has been in an wheelchair since 1996. With the support of scuba-diving experts, Austin has created a wheelchair fit with a propeller and fins that enable her to steer the wheelchair underwater. This wheelchair is part of her ongoing project called ‘Freewheeling’, which focuses on the intersection of art and disability.

In the lead up to the Paralympic Games, Ms. Austin has staged a series of stunning underwater scuba performances called 'Creating the Spectacle!' to show off her underwater art.

Watch her amazing underwater video below:

Poor Little Fish by Yan Lu is an unusual approach to saving water. When using this basin, users are prompted into thinking about consumption when the water level in the fishbowl goes down (but does not actually drain out). There are two separate pipelines, so the water level will go back to where it was once the water stops running. As well, the water from the tap is pure, as its pipeline does not connect to the bowl.

Watch how it works here:

Miniature Body Part Jewelry by Percy Lau

The Scent Capturing Postcard Printer is an amazing concept created by Li Jing Xuan for Sony. Basically, this machine recognizes patterns of particular odors and translate it onto a tangible postcard size paper with its “electrical nose”. The printer would then simulate these captured fragrances by mixing aroma based inks stored within the device and transferring them onto a special photo-paper stock modules. once printed, the user would peel a flap on the back side of the image to reveal the captured scents.

"Clopen" designed by Torafu Architects is a floating shelf that hides a secret drawer that can be opened by a set of magnetic “keys”.

Green Pedestrian Crossing created by Jody Xiong

The China Environmental Protection Foundation developed an outdoor campaign, displayed on the street, to creatively promote this message. They decided to leverage a busy pedestrian crossing; a place where both pedestrians and drivers meet.

The campaign involved laying a canvas 12.6 metres long by 7 metres wide on the ground, thus covering the pedestrian crossing with a large leafless tree. On either side of the road, beneath the traffic lights, were placed sponge cushions soaked in green, environmentally friendly, washable paint. As pedestrians walked towards the crossing, they stepped on the green sponge, thus leaving green foot imprints on the canvas of the tree. Each ‘green’ footprint on the canvas looked like leaves growing on a bare tree, which made people feel that by walking they could create a greener environment.

The ‘Green Pedestrian Crossing’ was carried out across 7 thoroughfares in Shanghai. The campaign was then extended to 132 roads across 15 cities in China, with a participation exceeding 3,920,000 people.

Watch their video below:

"Strvct" designed by Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel is a collection of shoes made out of 3D-printed, layered nylon and lined with a patent leather inner sole, while the bottoms are coated with synthetic rubber.